Painting the flower of life

You want to paint the flower of life and hang it on the wall in your apartment?

If yes, then you are exactly right with us 🙂

(By the way, you can find out who we are here )

Here a small preview picture from our flower of life painting course
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After our online painting course you can paint such pictures here:

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But maybe the following questions about painting the flower of life have come to your mind?

You would like to have a picture on your wall, preferably one you have painted yourself, but you have no idea how to paint one?
You know the flower of life symbol and want to use it for yourself?
Unfortunately there is no picture hanging in your apartment yet, but you want to change that?
You have painted the flower of life several times, but you have no idea how to paint it on a canvas?
Energy pictures fascinate you and you want to paint your own energy picture, because your energy should be in the picture?
You don’t want to spend 100,- for an energy painting, which is maybe not even hand painted?
You want to create a flower of life template or template yourself, which you can then use again and again?
You want to learn how to paint the flower of life “cleanly” on a canvas
You do not know which materials you need to paint the Flower of Life on canvas.
If you can answer these questions with yes, then our video painting course is just right for you 🙂

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Now how can we help you with your own flower of life image?

As you could already read above, painting energy pictures is very effective by itself. But if you can now use different symbols that bring you forward in your development, it will be much more powerful.

And this is exactly what we can offer you.

We have put all our experience of the last years together and created the first part of a video course series, which deals specifically with the topic of energy pictures. In Level 1 you will get to know the most famous and, in our opinion, most powerful symbol, “The flower of life”. The Flower of Life (as the symbol is also called) is the symbol of grounding, it has a harmonizing effect on all areas of life. This is of course great, so you can use it for anything you want to achieve.

If you want to learn more about the Flower of Life just visit my blog

In combination with the right color you can now create a tool for every occasion that supports you! Here on the left side of this small overview you can read again what the different colors do.

With “Painting Energy Pictures yourself – Level 1 Painting the flower of life – For beginners” we have created a possibility to teach really everybody how to paint their own Energy Picture without any previous knowledge.

We show you how to paint the flower of life with gold on a canvas. You learn a very simple technique how to create a background for your painting.

You are there live! We explain everything step by step!

But the best thing is, you don’t need 3 days for this, some of our participants finished their painting after only 3 hours!

What do you get with the course “ESM- Level 1 Painting the flower of life – For beginners”?

You will get 11 single videos consisting of

Lesson 1: Learning to paint the background of the energy picture
The foundation you need for any energy picture is a beautiful background. Here Jeannette explains you exactly how to create a simple but beautiful background. She will show you how to do it on a canvas that she is currently painting.
Lesson 2.1 – 2.3: Preparations and materials needed
Here is described in 3 small videos which materials you need. But you will receive a list of material requirements in PDF format for printing. There is an exact description of what you need, and especially where you can get it.
Lesson 3: Determine the middle
In this small video you will learn how to easily determine the center of your canvas image.
Lesson 4: The first circle
Here we go, you paint the first circle of the flower of life. Karsten will show you what to look out for, and again show you everything step by step using his example picture.
Lesson 5: The next 6 circles
One of the most crucial steps ever, you learn to draw the first 6 outer circles of the flower of life.
Lesson 6: The next 12 circles
The flower of life consists of 19 circles, you have already painted 7, so there are still 12 missing. in this lesson you learn to paint them.
Lesson 7: The semicircles
Look over our shoulder in lesson 7 how to paint the semicircles of the flower of life.
Lesson 8: The little arcs
One of the most important aspects

to paint the flower of life on canvas is this step. It is very effective and simple, but requires a certain concentration.
Lesson 9: The last 2 circles
Here you learn to paint the last two outer circles of the flower of life.
We have packed all the information into 11 videos, which is about 45 minutes of learning material in total.

All material is in German (a little bit Saxon 😉 language, and was recorded in HD quality (720p).

You will also get a list with the material you need for the picture and where you can get the material from.

Here are some pictures from the video course:

Our additional bonus for you:
If you decide to take the video course, you will get two more things for free:

bonus #1
We determine your personal power colours free of charge. You can then use them for the energy picture and they will give you energy and harmony. Just send us your date of birth after the purchase to the following e-mail address:
bonus #2
There is also a picture of the flower of life in PDF format on top.
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As an additional incentive for successful participation there is something else for you!

You will receive a certificate of participation from us, which proves that you have successfully participated in our course. The only thing you have to do is to send us a picture of your finished artwork by e-mail (or other means). We will then check if everything is correct and issue you the certificate afterwards.
How much does the access to the online course cost?
You can get access to the online course for 39,40 €.

You can watch the online course as often as you want and without time limit!

and this is how you get the video course:
Click on the button with the inscription “Buy video course now for 39,40 €”.
You will be redirected to the payment page of Digistore24 (our payment service), where you can choose between different payment options, e.g. PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, direct debit or prepayment.
After your purchase you will receive a personalized access via email, with which you can log in to our member area and start watching all 11 lessons directly.
The video course is permanently available for you and you can watch it as often as you like.
You will also receive a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the lessons or if you are not satisfied with them.
Click on the button marked “Buy video course now for €39.40” and get instant access to all the content of “ESM Level 1 Flower of Life – for beginners”.

So far, over 200 people have already taken part in our online painting course, and hopefully there will be many more.

And of course we would be happy to welcome you on board :-).

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We would be pleased to welcome you in our circle.

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And this is what your picture of the flower of life might look like…

In our gallery you can also find finished pictures of participants of our online course.

It could look something like this if you decide today to finally paint your own energy picture.

The decision is up to you. You have it in your own hands.

Nothing in life happens without a reason!

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Take a look at what some participants say about our course:

(please click on one of the e-mails to see it enlarged in another window)

You can see that some have already dared this step before you 🙂

By the way, we also have a starter set for budding artists :-).

You can order it here: Order Starter Set Painting Course >>

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here a small article from the Freie Presse in Chemnitz
Frequently asked questions

I don’t even know if I can paint an energy picture, I was never very good at painting. Can I really learn this easily in your course?

Answer: Yes, this is a big problem for many people who would like to paint, but are afraid that you can’t. I will explain to you really step by step what you should pay attention to and show you a technique how you can paint one hundred percent a beautiful energy picture. Believe me, in our drawing seminars nobody has been disappointed yet. You can also contact me at any time if you have problems. But this will not be necessary, believe me the instructions we give you

is very precise and super easy to learn.

Will my self-painted energy picture really give me energy?

Answer: What you learn with us was practiced thousands of years ago, if not even longer. We use the power of sacred geometry for our energy pictures, and the motifs such as the flower of life have a harmonizing and structuring effect on your environment. This geometry is the basis of everything, and contains the blueprint of life, so if something is out of balance, sacred geometry can bring it back into balance!

How do I know that you are not some nasty internet rip-off artists who only want my money?

That’s a fair question with all the nasty things going on on the internet. Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to talk to each other personally, so we do our best to be as transparent as possible on our website. However, we do the following things to ensure you the highest possible security when buying:

You can watch preview videos on our website for free to convince you of our quality, the explanations and us
On our “About Us” page you can see who is behind painting energy pictures, who we are, what we do and even what we look like?
Our company is based in Germany, it’s a sole proprietorship and is run from home – so it’s not a mailbox company in Hawaii ?
You can write to us anytime via our contact page and we usually answer within 24 hours. Our customer service is always praised by our customers
We leave the payment processing to a professional for digital products. DigiStore24 handles the payment. All this is done via SSL encryption and is 100% secure. Just like a possible refund.
On this page you can not only listen to our own opinion about our product, but we also let customer’s voices speak. And on our free articles you can also see numerous comments from other visitors.
We have also been interviewed by the newspaper (see above) 🙂
Still having doubts? Then send us a mail
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