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Hello, we are Jeannette Wagner and Karsten “Raul Falco” Wagner. We are an artist couple from Saxony, have been painting energy pictures ourselves since 2010 and have been training people to learn this themselves since 2012.

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Our energy pictures are painted with powerful symbols. These symbols are for example the flower of life, Sri Yantra, Mandala, Torus, Spiral, Cube of Metatron, Pranagenerator, Yin Yang, Celtic symbols, OM symbol and others.

You have not landed with us without a reason, because nothing happens without a reason, but you probably already know that.

Let Jeannette first explain to you what we actually understand by energy pictures:

“The other day I went to an exhibition and looked at the paintings of an artist With some of the paintings I felt a pleasant feeling – my mood lifted and a feeling of beauty and well-being overcame me. I walk a few pictures further – in front of a certain picture I suddenly pause – a cold shiver flows over my back.

I look closer and feel very clearly that the artist has processed a strong emotional feeling of anger or fear here. I find this picture unpleasant and move on. Such feelings cannot always be put into words so clearly –
mostly it is just a pleasant or unpleasant feeling what comes over you. But nevertheless, this example shows very clearly that pictures can store energy.

If I want to paint energy pictures myself, I make use of this knowledge and use symbols that radiate power or energy for me. On the other hand I tune in positively in my mind and imagine how I put all my positive power into it with every brushstroke/circle movement.

In our work we use symbols from the sacred geometry. Symbols that have been revered for hundreds of generations and contain ancient knowledge. Already during the construction and creation of the symbol a very important process takes place: the knowledge of the special symbolism is clearly revealed.

Step by step, one understands the meaning behind it and recognizes the relationship to nature and the laws that are hidden behind it.

In our drawing seminars we mainly use symbols with the following characteristics:

holistically connected
harmonic in structure
centering, by emphasizing the center
structures, provides support and safety
So this is the first energy transfer that takes place when we paint energy pictures ourselves. And the energy picture keeps this effect, it stores the energy, so to speak.

The second energy transfer takes place mainly when painting the symbol – the longer I devote myself to the picture, the more I “charge” the picture with my energy. Now it is important to radiate a positive and calm energy to influence the quality of the picture.

So the more often I can paint energy pictures myself (these don’t always have to be big motifs on canvas), the more I practice to get into this positive and present state of “no mind” and the easier and faster I manage to bring about this state from time to time. I appreciate this quality especially in everyday life, where I want to make important decisions from my heart and calmness to be sure that I am on the right path.

If we paint energy pictures ourselves, this also has therapeutic effects: I practice mindfulness of the present moment, focusing on the centre and positive feelings, as well as letting go of my thoughts and thus letting my intuition flow.

This is what we understand by energy pictures. But even better is of course that this picture stores all information. That means the colours used have an effect on us, as well as the motif and symbol. So we can paint the right energy picture for every condition.

here are some snapshots from our drawing seminars

What do you actually find with us?

In our online painting courses you can learn to paint your own energy picture with the flower of life or mandala.

Here you can learn more about our flower of life painting course >>

Here you can learn more about our Mandala painting course >>

By the way, you can find a test report on our Mandala painting course at

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You are also welcome to visit our Facebook page, where you will also find some suggestions and reviews from participants of our course.

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Do you have another question? Then write an e-mail to, we will usually answer within 24 hours.

If you prefer to buy a finished energy picture, you can do so in our energy picture shop.

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